• Journalists or critics in domestic and foreign media, including newspaper, broadcasting, magazine, internet media and etc.
How to Apply Your Badge
  • Supporting Documents
    ① A copy of a recently published article or a media content written or created within 3 months.
    ② A registration document that certifies the applicant is a member of a media or critic-related association.
  • Notice
    · Application will be denied if applicants do not submit the supporting documents. Previously submitted supporting documents must be reattached due to the policy of discarding personal information.
    · Your application will be approved within 3 business days of submitting the application.
    · Both credit card and cash are accepted for on-site registration.
  • 4 free tickets per day during the festival (only for badge holders)
    * 1 ticket equals 1 screening.
  • Badge holders are granted free admission on JEONJU Dome screening during the festival. (Badges must be presented.)
  • Access to the Video Library
  • Access to the Guest Center and Guest Lounge
  • Complimentary Guest Package
  • Access to the exclusive Box Office and ticket counter for badge holders
  • Access to the Wait Line (In a case of sold-out movie, badge holders can get a seat on a first-come, first-served basis in 10 minutes after the screening.)
  • 10% souvenir discount

    ※ Tickets for the Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, Midnight Screening and JEONJU Talk! Talk! are not included in the badge benefits.
Registration Fee
Type Registration Period Fee
Pre-Registration May 4 14:00 - May 14 18:00 Free
On-site Registration May 28 - Jun 6 KRW 50,000
    ※ Only on-site payment is available. Please complete your badge payment at the Guest Center during the festival period.
    ※ Both credit card and cash are accepted for on-site registration.
    ※ The registration fees vary by the registration period.

PRESS Badge Inquiry
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